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“Sustainable investment market report 2011 – Germany, Austria and Switzerland” Summary // 22,11.2011

In 2010, the volume of the sustainable investment market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland stood at 94.5 billion euros. This represents a huge increase compared with 2009, which is largely accounted for by the methods used to calculate the figures. This year, for the first time, FNG has explicitly included funds invested sustainably by sustainability-oriented specialist banks and, in addition, sustainable closed-end funds. 

Strong growth was exhibited in all three countries by mutual funds, mandates and other financial products, the volumes of which FNG (and in Switzerland onValues) has been recording for many years. The combined volume of sustainable investments in this segment for all three countries totalled 51.9 billion euros, which is equivalent to an increase of 37 per cent (admittedly inflated by the strength of the Swiss franc). Financial service providers looking at the development of this segment of the market over the next three years are anticipating further significant growth in the German-speaking countries.

In 2010, the volume of sustainable investments in the area of mutual funds, mandates and other financial products grew by 23 per cent in both Germany and Switzerland and by 17 per cent in Austria. Taking the three countries as a whole, the most important sustainable investment strategy is one based on the use of exclusion criteria, and this is followed by the best-in-class approach.

Whereas in Germany and Austria, institutional investors are dominant, with market shares of 77 and 74 per cent respectively, in the Swiss sustainable investment market it is private investors who have taken the lead, with a 57 per cent share of the market.

The volume of funds invested by sustainability-oriented specialist banks in the German-speaking countries stands at a total of 40.3 billion euros. Germany, with its comparatively large number of sustainability-oriented specialist banks, accounts for 97 per cent of this. In addition, a considerable proportion of the 40.3 billion euros can be traced back to sustainable own-account investments by one particular player in Germany.

In the case of closed-end funds, volumes of sustainable investment in Germany are in the region of a billion euros, while in Switzerland, where the market was examined on a trial basis only, they stand at around 100 million euros. In addition, sustainable certificates with a sales volume of 1.2 billion euros can be added to Germany’s total. The figures relating to the certificates were obtained from an external study.




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